Thursday, June 11, 2009

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1639. A Gold Century Hand Held Metal Detector:

1640. A wrench for twisting barbed wire, similar to patent number 338,659:

1641. A 1960's police radar gun:

Larger image

The dash mounted MR-7 Indicator:

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Close up of the back

1642. A Copenhagen snuff can opener, used for cutting the paper seal on the can.

1643. I haven't been able to verify any of the guesses, but this is probably a control lever for some type of heavy equipment:

It's about 26" long, the bronze part is either cast or brazed to a piece of heavy walled 3/4" pipe. Inside the handle is an old style micro switch and it appears that the wires would have been fed down through the pipe.

1644. A copper barrel water feature, water flows from a brass tap at the front of the barrel and fills a cup below. The cup is pivoted so that when it fills it tips forward and splashes into the trough. The feature's submersible electric pond pump continuously circulates the water from the trough through the tap so plumbing is not required.

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Three more views

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